reede, 1. juuni 2018

My practice in Portsmouth

The first week was the most difficult because this is my first experience in another country city and people. The first day at work was very difficult because you have a big responsibility for what you are doing. A week passed, I was not much used to this situation at home and at work. The next weekend I went to the city looked many interesting places that I really liked especially Spinnaker Tower. The second and third week passed very quickly. Last week was sad because I understood that this is the last week. After the practice, I have remained familiar with whom I would like to stay a lot of things to share, but I hope that in the future I will find them and we will have much to talk about. And I advise everyone to not be afraid and to stay wherever you can, if you always fear and doubt it will not work. I hope that my article was interesting for you. And I hope that I will have more chance where to participate.

 My workplace 

my favorite place in the city